Halloween 3D Nun Door Stickers, 30 x 80 Inches Lifelike Ghost Door Wallpaper Sticker


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1.Halloween scary nun creative 3d door sticker
2.Home decor wall stickers
3.Refurbished wall stickers


SIZE- The size of this door sticker is 30 x 80 inches, suitable for most door sizes, if it is too big, it can be cropped.
MATERIAL- Made of high quality PVC, environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof, easy to apply, sticker wallpaper easy to paste, you can do it yourself.
HOW TO USE-Take out the door sticker, measure the size of the door and sticker, determine the location to be attached, attach the door sticker to the position you wanted and adjust it, and a perfect 3D door sticker is completed.
OCCASION- Our halloween door cover is suitable for smooth, clean, dry surfaces, such as bedrooms, playrooms, haunted houses, doors, walls, ceramic tile, furniture, mirrors and windows.
DESIGN- A realistic and scary zombie nun pattern creates a horrible atmosphere, and adds a strong visual effect to your home, perfect for Halloween parties, ghost theme party, haunted house decoration.

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Dimensions 15.74 × 15.74 × 15.74 in