BlueSnail Double up Kids Step Stool, Anti-Slip Sturdy Toddler Two Step Stool



Kids Step Stool

Kids step stool is perfect for those young ones needing a little boost in life. This will lift them to new heights to accomplish the tasks at hand. Handwashing, tooth brushing, and helping in the kitchen, the options are endless for the kid that needs a boost up. Get a couple so they will always be where needed. And let’s be clear sometimes. Mom & Dad need a little lift, too; watch the weight limit.

Details: BlueSnail’s two-step stools, in one use together or separately, helps your child learn and grow; great for potty training, the dual height design helps any child reach sinks and countertops to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

Brand: BlueSnail

Color: White


  • Two stools in one use together or separately, the Interlocking design keeps seats securely attached when used together.
  • Comprehensive, sturdy standing platforms and non-slip bases can help toddlers stand firmly.
  • The size is 15.4”L x 13”W x10”H. The maximum allowable weight is 176lb.
  • The training step stool’s lightweight and handle grips allow your kids to move the chair around quickly.
  • It’s a multi-functional toddler stool; it can help children wash their hands and brush their teeth, as well as sit-down training in the bathroom. Also can help children touch the kitchen counter and other activities.

Package Dimensions: 151x409x1515