Pink Christmas Garland with LED Lights



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Pink Christmas Garland

This pink Christmas garland with LED lights will look spectacular wherever you hang it. It will make the perfect Christmas decoration for your living space.

This Christmas garland can be easily shaped around a stair handrail or windows, but it will also look good hanging on the wall, door, or ceiling. Featuring LED lights, it lights up beautifully and creates a cozy holiday atmosphere. This garland has a low power consumption thanks to its economical LED technology. It can be easily stored for the next holiday when not in use.

  • Color: Pink
  • Material: PVC
  • Total length: 393.7″
  • Voltage: DC 5 V
  • Power: 6,5 W
  • With 150 pcs LEDs
  • With 900 branches
  • With a USB connection
  • Charger is omitted

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Weight 8.12 lbs
Dimensions 25.6 × 10.24 × 7.49 in


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