Rocking Lounge Chair, Massage Chair



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Rocking Lounge Chair

This Grey Rocking Lounge Chair will provide hours of comfort. The Adjustable chair has five adjustment setting so you can find the right spot. The chair fetures six massage settings that work in three difernt agreas of your body and are controlled with a single panel. Message your neck, back and hips spepratly or together. you can apply heat to any area, you control the preasure adn amount of support from the airbags. This Rocking Lounge Chair has all the features you need to relax and find comfort. The cotton fabric cussions provide support and a soft seating area.

– Comfortable Rocking chair. Reclining chair.

– Super heave load-bearing. Load over 150 kilograms.

– 5 Angles Adjustment. Supporting your legs.

– Multifunctional. Six massage modes specifying in three different areas of our body are controlling in one control


— Neck massage, the massaging heads are softer and allow a 3-5 cm movement up and down.

— Back massage. Kneading massage, the massaging area could be adjusted to full back, low back, and high back.

Tapping massage allow the adjustment of strength or fix the strength. Heating is also available.

— Hip massage. Unique 9 air bags inflation could promote the blood circulation and massage your thigh and hip area.

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Dimensions 35.04 × 24.02 × 16.15 in