How to Choose Home Office Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

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Did you know that nearly 28 million people work from home? As more and more people trade in their cubicles for remote work, many find that they lack the space they need to focus and be productive.

Thankfully, many companies provide stipends to help their workers get their home offices up and running. Whether that’s your case or not, designing a functional setup is crucial if you work from home.

This post will help you choose home office furniture that is comfortable and stylish, so keep reading to learn more!

Start with a Measuring Tape

Whether you have an entire room dedicated to your new home office or just a corner in your living room, taking down the measurements is crucial. This should be your first step since it will help you determine how to use your space and avoid buying furniture that doesn’t fit or looks cramped.

Keep in mind that just because a certain piece of furniture fits in the space, it may not leave room for the chair or comfortably open cabinets or drawers. If you’re short on space, be sure to calculate carefully, and when in doubt, aim for compact furniture!

It’s also a good idea to think about how you’ll lay out the room. If the space is large, decide where you’ll place your desk, keeping in mind the location of the electrical outlets. Although many desks have cable management systems, it’s best to place your workstation as close as possible to the outlet since this avoids the need for extension cords.

Make a List of Wants and Needs

With the size of your space in mind, make a list of what you need from your home office. Some questions to consider include:

  • How much desk space do you need for writing or completing paperwork?
  • Do you need several monitors to perform your work?
  • Does it need to have storage for files?
  • Will the office be shared with others in the home?

Thinking about your average day at work can help you decide which furniture is best.

Set a Budget

Another important factor is your home office furniture budget. We recommend quality over quantity since you’ll be using your home office every day.

If your budget only allows you to buy one or two objects, prioritize an ergonomic office chair and desk. However, if you have a little more money to spend, you should consider organizational items and decorations that will keep your morale up.

Prioritize Ergonomics

Your furniture shouldn’t leave you with back or neck pain. To prevent stiffness or aches, you should factor in your height when purchasing a desk or chair.

  • Desk height allows your elbows and hands should rest comfortably on the desk without leaning forward
  • Monitor level should place the top of the monitor level with your eye line and about 20-30 inches away
  • Chair width should be neither too tight nor too roomy
  • Chair height adjusts so you can modify it as needed
  • Tilt control allows you to lean back comfortably
  • Armrests should be adjustable and allow your wrists to rest level with your keyboard
  • Lumbar support should support the natural curvature of the spine

Since there are so many different factors to consider, you may find it helpful to try out several styles of desks and chairs before making your purchase. If shopping online, be sure to review the refund policy.

Choose Your Desk Style, Materials, and Color

The style of home office desk you choose depends on your habits, the type of work you do, and your preferences.

For example, many people with laptops only use a small writing desk. It has just enough room for a notebook or laptop, but not much more. Other styles of desks include:

  • Computer desk: designed for a desktop computer and includes a pull-out keyboard shelf
  • Standing desk: allow you to alternate between sitting and standing while you work, helping you stay active and reduce stiffness from sitting all day
  • Executive desk: sophisticated with plenty of surface space and storage
  • Secretary desk: traditional style desk with cubbies and organization
  • Floating desk: Attaches to the wall like a shelf, can be used for standing or sitting depending on the height

After choosing the right style, you’ll want to think about materials. If your desk will go in a corner of the living room, you should try to match the materials and color with the rest of the furniture in your room. If not, you can choose the style you like best, keeping in mind the durability of the materials.

If you aren’t sure what style to get, we recommend home office furniture that’s white. It’s versatile because it goes well with most modern decor.

Find the Perfect Desk Chair

There are also several office chair styles, so it’s important to find one that suits the work you do and your body type. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Ergonomic chair: features several adjustable parts so you can customize the tilt, height, and position of the seat to your body
  • Task chair: swivels and has a high back, wheels, and armrests
  • Big and tall chair: designed for larger individuals who feel cramped in standard office chairs
  • Drafting chair: some professions require a higher vantage point, and these chairs sit up higher to offer one

In addition to style, you should consider a comfortable material. Your climate should be a factor in this choice, since leather upholstery may feel cold in winter or sticky in summer. Mesh is breathable all year round, but fabric may trap moisture or odors.

Consider Storage Furniture

Whether you have storage built into your desk or not, you may require more space for files or supplies. Rolling carts with drawers can hold files or your printer, fitting under your desk when not in use. Credenzas

are also a good choice since they have cabinets and allow you to display decor on top.

Add Personal Touches

While your office should be foremost functional, you also want it to be a space where you feel comfortable and cheerful. The right home office lighting and decor can help you achieve that.

We recommend desktop lamps or putting your switches on a dimmer so you can adjust the lighting level according to your mood. Plants are also a great addition since they add life and color to your room while providing health benefits. Don’t forget other home office accessories with meaning to you, such as photographs, awards, or other mementos that motivate you.

Let Us Help You Choose Home Office Furniture!

Designing a workspace from scratch can seem like a challenge, but with the help of this post, you can choose home office furniture you love. After following the steps in this post, browse our website!

We offer great home office furniture in white, wood, metal, and other materials. Plus, we have a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs that will keep you comfortable all day long. Check them out now!