Product Review: Gray Office Desk with Drawers

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Looking for a gray office desk with drawers that doesn’t take up too much space? RC Room Decor just brought in the perfect space-saver with a simple 3-drawer setup and a beautiful muted gray color. Let us tell you more about it!

  • Space comes at a premium for most of us! Whether you’re a student looking for a desk to fit a small apartment or dorm, stay-at-home mom that just needs a small space for reading or computer work, work-from-home warrior that needs a practical desk in a small space, or maybe you just want to elevate a corner of your home with a nice piece of furniture, this gray office desk with drawers is the perfect solution! Here are the measurements: 35.4″D x 17.7″W x 29.9″H and WEIGHT: 58 pounds – Yes, it’s small but very, very comfortable as a workspace.
  • Functionality is key! On of our favorite parts about this particular piece is the three-drawer setup.  In a small space, you can still keep a pristine work station by fitting papers, folders, and other office essentials in our easy three-drawer design. They big enough for text books but small enough to keep the entire unit small and convenient. In addition, you have enough table space for a laptop, monitor, books, and maybe even a plant or other home decor accents to elevate the look of your space. Regardless of how you choose to use it, it’s versatile enough for virtually anybody’s needs.
  • Color and style matter! This particular gray tone is absolutely stunning! We chose gray because most homes go well with a more neutral color. Whatever carpet or flooring in your home, this is going to accent it well. Plus, the lines are sleek and modern, so if you prefer that type of style, this will work well; however, if you have more a classic decor touch in your home, this piece will fit right in.

Bottom line: we absolutely LOVE this desk! If space is an issue, this little gray office desk with drawers is your solution!

Check it out now! We have it on sale for $128.95!