Product Review: Reclaimed Wood Table with Iron Base

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Reclaimed Wood Table with Iron Base

Let’s talk tables, not at the table, but about tables—specifically, this unique reclaimed wood table with iron base. This is one of our favorite pieces; RC Room Decor, has sourced this for those looking for a unique yet functional piece in the home or shop.

Made of solid reclaimed wood sourced from joists, floors, and support beams from demolished old buildings, this table is about as unique as they come. The various kinds of woods the table is made from are pine, teak, beech oak, cedar mango, and acacia. These different woods create unique one-of-a-kind table with the character you don’t find in a single-sourced wood.

reclaimed wood table with iron base

I have always been a fan of reclaimed wood; it’s the perfect way to recycle and maintain the original, natural material and give it a continuing life in a new environment. It also becomes an instant classic conversation piece.
Providing a stable base, this table also has impressive ironwork adding to its uniqueness. The legs give it excellent support, and the crank works, so you can raise or lower the table height as needed.

Unlimited Uses

This table has unlimited uses; it can be set up in an entryway to hold keys, phones, mail, or other items brought into the home.
Or perhaps as an end table by your favorite chair to hold your glasses, remotes, snacks, or books. Set it up in a game room, and it’s perfect for a game of chess, checkers, or solitaire. Please put it in a bedroom, and you have a nightstand for your lamp, clock, or any item you want close at night. I can see it in a man cave holding drinks while everyone is playing pool or video games. The options are endless.

We believe this table is worth the investment and will bring years of use to you and your home.
Check it out now; it is one of our featured items that has limited stock; it is on sale for $176.79