Classic Home Furniture: What is Classic Interior Design?

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Classic Home Furniture: What is Classic Interior Design?

Interior design is about more than just making a space look good. It’s also useful when you’re trying to sell your house. Good interior design creates interest, shows character, and helps your home to stand out.

One design option you should consider is using classic home furniture. A classic interior design focuses on order, balance, and harmony. No single thing stands out without purpose, and it doesn’t include any modern elements.

Here’s what makes for classic interior design and how to get started with it.

What is Classic Interior Design?

The idea behind classic interior design goes all the way back to Greek and Roman design choices. You create a room around a large, single focal point. All the other items in the room are placed to enhance the focal point and draw attention to it.

For example, your entry room may have an impressive staircase that both helps to frame the space as well as lead your eye up to the next floor. Any lighting or decorative elements must work alongside the staircase without distracting guests.

Each side of the room should perfectly reflect the other side. Lighting and decorations should also show balance.

Some different color schemes widely used in a classic home include gray/beige and umber. These are natural hues that allow more vibrant pieces to stand out.

Alternatively, you can use linen and light indigo for a more cozy atmosphere. The clean colors are a classic combination that originates from Scandinavian influence.

Traditional vs Classic Interior Design

The words traditional and classic are often used interchangeably in today’s culture. Both refer to something that has been used frequently in the past, enough so that it has become culturally significant. However, they each refer to a somewhat different style of home furniture.

Generally speaking, classic interior design leans more toward elegance. This style favors more valuable furnishings and finishes.

In contrast, traditional interior design changes depending on where you live and what is more common in that area.

For example, traditional Japanese interior design is all about simplicity and minimalism. These designs use less decoration and put more focus on the key pieces of furniture in every room. It also creates a cleaner and less cluttered aesthetic.

Meanwhile, traditional German interior design uses a lot of large spaces and rounded lines. You rarely see sharp edges, and there’s more contrast between light and dark areas of the room.

Examples of Classic Home Furniture

You now know what constitutes a classic interior design profile. However, that doesn’t mean you have a good idea of what kinds of home furnishings to use to accomplish that look. It isn’t as simple as choosing older pieces that were made decades ago.

Living Room

A classic living room may feature something like a fireplace or a set of sofas as its centerpiece. Once you’ve decided on what it should be, you can design around it.

It’s not uncommon to have your seating options positioned around an open fireplace. You can place photo frames on the mantel or even mount your television above it.

Your furnishings should use safe colors such as beige or brown instead of bright reds or blues. Rustic home furniture works great if you want to incorporate natural wood materials.


For the most part, your bed should act as the central piece in your bedroom. You can have two identical bedside tables adorning the sides of the bed. A tan or gray decorative headboard can help draw attention toward the bed.

New homeowners may also want to consider using light fixtures to add a decorative element that also brightens up certain corners of the room.

Home Office

When looking for home office furniture, white goes with almost any other option. However, white furnishings are notorious for getting dirty fast. It’s important that you purchase something with a protective coating that will help to prevent staining.

Alternatively, you can go with a classic wood theme. A large wooden desk will be the focal point of the room, and you can round it out with a couple of bookcases along the walls.

Walls and Flooring

One feature you’ll see in interior design is a wall pattern or wall texture. You won’t often see walls that are just flat or blank.

They may have indented areas or faux pillars adorning stretches of wall space. You may see blocks of color separated from each other with white or beige. In a way, how the walls are fashioned works as their own form of furnishing.

In contrast, floors are often smooth and simple. You’ll see slabs of marble tile or even wood grain flooring. Living rooms and office spaces may also use area rugs to break up a stretch of flooring.

Using Classic Home Furniture

There are plenty of ways to incorporate classic home furniture into your current home’s interior design.

To begin with, create some level of either contrast or harmony. You never want to throw together furnishings and decorations that don’t go together in some way. The two choices are to match items or to go with contrast as a way to keep things interesting.

Matching items to a color scheme is one of the best ways to tie a room together. You can also have similar materials, such as birch wood or industrial pieces.

For contrast, it’s all about using opposing colors and styles. You can have a dining room with classic furnishings and then go with a uniquely stylish dining table.

Invest in Some Classic Style Home Furniture

Classic home furniture has a way of creating a timeless aesthetic that you can enjoy for years on end. They’re a great option for people who want to create an appealing space that they won’t need to update with flashy new items. It also caters to the minimalist who prefers to enjoy space as is rather than fill it up with trinkets and decorations.

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